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Vertical integration

  • Fleet

    Ice Fresh Seafood sources it's seafood from Samherji's modern fleet both in Iceland and abroad. Get to know our fleet

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  • Factories

    Our two white fish factories are located on the waterfront which allows our vessels to deliver fresh fish directly into the factory each day. We use modern technology to fully utilize the fish and reduce waste. Our skilled factory team ensures we cut and portion within 10 hours of arrival whilst maintaining the highest quality and freshness.

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  • Landbased Farming

    Landbased farming allows us to closely mimic the natural life cycle of the arctic char. With full control over all variables such as temperature, water salinity, and oxygen levels we can provide optimal living conditions for the fish. This method creates minimal risk for wild species as there is no chance of escape and protects the surrounding environment due to its low carbon footprint and use of geothermal energy.

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  • Sustainability

    Ice Fresh Seafood and Samherji are industry leaders when it comes to sustainability. Iceland has taken a leading role in managing its fisheries, focusing on sustainable practices. The Icelandic fisheries system is developed in accordance with international law and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization´s Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries. We understand that it is our responsibility to protect these vital resources for generations to come. 

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