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Ice Fresh Grimsby

Grimsby Site

  • Factory opened in 2006Moved to larger premises in 2017, 7,000 square meters
  • Holds BRC AA Grade, along with MSC and ASC accreditation
  • Employees 50 staff
  • Annual production of 2,000 tons

Main Processes: Cold Smoking, Block Cutting, Bandsawing

Smoking detail

Smoked fish from boat through to finished product, hand trimmed and Kiln racked for an authentic cold smoked fish taste.  We can offer Natural or Dyed fish from full fillets to portions.

Block Cutting detail:

State of the art Fish block cutting line offering a wide range of options from Dice to Fingers through to Tiles and Planks all in one cutting process tailored to our individual customer’s requirements.

Bandsawing detail

If you require natural fillet to be cut down into chunks or goujons for added value product’s then we can offer this through our versatile Bandsawing operation.


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